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Client Testimonials

"No one took the time Guy took"

Yes! This guy named Guy who owns The Key Guy is terrific! We have an old sliding glass door on our lanai that has given us problems for about 30 years! We have, at times, had people come up to look at it, but no one took the time Guy took. Even so, he fixed it in less than 20 minutes, and, instead of dreading the thought of having to hunt down an expensive item like a new glass sliding door, we're enjoying the cool tradewinds right now!

Highly recommend--but you already guessed that, huh?

-Louise F., Honolulu

"...answer to my prayers"

I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to Manoa and cutting me a key. You were such an answer to my prayers. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I pray God's blessings for you. Aloha,

N., Manoa


" literally 30 seconds"

I can not say enough, how awesome Kim and her husband are!  They were extremely fast in responding to my call, and was able to open the lock to a condo in literally 30 seconds!  Extremely reasonable, fast, reliable, and friendly service!

-Jocelyn Negranza, RA, Waikiki

"He doesn't like to accept any money unless he is successful in doing the job"

I initially called Will's Lock service as I was referred to Will's by my mechanic. Unfortunately, he didn't even show up for the appointment that I made with him the night before. He didn't even call after I left numerous messages the same day. If he's in the hospital or had a family tragedy, I forgive him; if not, I stand by my comments.

On the other hand, Guy, the owner of The Key Guy was awesome! He followed through on his word to show up as we scheduled and open my trunk. He was very accommodating and competent. Ultimately, my MB500SL trunk couldn't be opened. I was still willing to pay Guy for his time and effort. He stated clearly that he doesn't like to accept any money unless he is successful in doing the job. Wow! This was refreshing to hear in this day and age. Five star service all the way. Use The Key Guy! Thank you, Guy. Here's to your family's success!

-Garrett W, Honolulu

"I Saved Money and Time"

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0‎! I was stressing out yesterday because I lost the key to my car. The reason why I was stressing out is because my car key is a laser cut key w/ a micro chip that needs reprogramming, which the dealer charges $350 to replace. So Heres My Problem:

1) I need the registration for my vehicle in order to prove its mine to the dealer in order for them to make me the key. So, that means I need to get it opened by a locksmith which might be anywhere between $30-$80 on this island, which i found out by calling over 30+ Lock Smiths in Oahu.

2) Then the dealer tells me that they have to send the key to get cut on the mainland because they don't know anyone who does laser cuts for keys here in oahu. The process would have taken over a week. So, I called over 30+ locksmiths and none of them can do that plus program it.

3) Then if I choose to go with the dealer I would have hade to wait over a week for my new key plus tow my car from MCBH to honolulu, which I found out the cheapest tow truck company does that for $250 plus tax.

So, thank god I did my research and the only locksmith I could find in oahu that does laser cut keys and programs it is The Key Guy. He drove to MCBH, opened my car, took the lock out, went back to his shop made a copy of my key somehow by looking at my lock, came back to MCBH programmed the key. And I was one happy customer!

Do you know how much he charged me!?!?!?


If I would have went with the dealer I would have spent around $600, gone through a hassle, and probably would've had to spend even more money on a rent a car. Thank you...The Key Guy!

-R. Peña, Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii


This Guy is awesome! I went through hell to find someone who could repair my ignition so I could drive to work instead of taking THE BUS (never again...) Oh and his real name is Guy - How convenient! MAHALO Guy

Albert, Kahala

"Great Service, Cool Guy"

Came to my house in the morning even after he had a terrible incident the night before. Had great customer service and was very knowledgable.

You can't beat the prices this guy offers you, but the main thing for me was his customer service and professional yet friendly demeanor.

I would definitely recommend him to friends and people that get locked out or lose their keys--he does door and car keys too!!!

Again, this guy is great and has the best prices i have seen on the island!!! Thanks Key Guy :)

-Gin, Waikiki

"Good service, not on Aloha time!!!"

Finally a service in Hawaii that wasn't on aloha time! He was professional, courteous and quick.

-B. Heffron, Makaha

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